Monday, February 25, 2013

Blizzard 'Rocky' at our Lil' House on the South Plains

The Weather In Texas is always Wild! I am usually freakin' out during Tornado season, because those are very scary and Ryan seems to always be at the California rodeos when me and Toto are trying to keep the Fort from flying off to Kansas.
Today the magnificent power of Weather on the plains didn't disappoint...
We have been gone the past week to San Antonio and San Angelo Rodeos. And this week we are supposed to take our horses and do some ranch work and branding. So we got home unpacked, quick like (we've had lots of practice). I ran the vacuum and mopped (my OCDC had flared up) while Ryan worked up the arena. It was sunny and 70 degrees and I couldn't take it anymore and had to get outside. So I caught my horse and spent the next hour soakin' up the sunshine and trimmin' her hooves so she would be ready to cow horse this week. I am not a pro by any means, but dad always made me hold my horse while he shod them, so I try. Lady has never complained, she just looks at me funny as I do contortionist moves trying to work the rasp on her front feet. Its no easy job. But got I her Pedi all done, rather nicely, if I do say so myself. Then get and emergency alert on my phone, for a Blizzard warning. It was 70 degreess out for Petes sakes. Lady was even starting to shed some of her winter coat.
We prepared for the storm and tucked the horses in the mare motel. Put extra bedding in goat pen. Plugged in heat lamps in Rabbit bin, Chicken box, and Pig hut. Gave them all a lil' extra dinner including some alfalfa and oats for my spit fire mare, which I will pay for on Wednesday.
5 a.m. the snow started fallin or I should say blowing, 40 mph sideways and 70 mph gusts. The windows on the house were solid white and the snow was sticking to everything.

Including The Animals
Yes thats me, The hot pink abominable snowman.
Snow Ball Goats. Good Thing thats a Cashmere coat they're wearing!

So Being the good Mama I am, spent the next couple hours outside in the heat (cold) of the storm getting them a tad more comfortable.
We brushed the snow off the Caballos and gave them their first Blankies. We never really did sack them out or tarp 'em when we broke them, and were a bit leery of the rodeo that could've ensued, with blustery blankets flapping in the wind. But they stood like champs, and I think they even said please, and thank you :)
The Goats got a goat palace in Ryan's shop (yes there is snow in the shop too) Saw horses, Lawn mower, Roping Dummy, Scrap wood, Oh My! Like a Goat Disneyland. Yes they escaped and left goat berries all over. I would've like to have seen the great escape as one must have got entangled in a saw horse, as it was on the other side of shop.

We retreated to the cozy house and had wonderful warm jerseylicious Chuck Roast that had been slow cooking all morning. Watched the Weather Channel. Sipped Hot Tea and took a nap. Pretty sure it was hibernation instinct kicking in.

Then There was Glorious Sunshine!
And we had to go play outside again.
Roping Anyone?!

Snow Piggys
How do like them drifts?
Lady Bug all thawed out and very thankful after her hot mash dinner that I always make for them on Cold days~
Feed bucket filled with Rolled oats, Bran, grains in feed we have barrels, Salt and minerals, Molasses, corn syrup or maple syrup. And big Pot of Boiling water poured over it and left to soak in a few minutes, stir together, and serve while still steamin' to warm their bellies.

I am just glad that I don't live in Canada and have to deal with Chinooks all winter. One day was enough for this cowgirl and her cowboy and critters.

But thats what I get for mopping...
 Gonna hold off on dusting because thats means the Semi Trucks start Blowing off the over pass on our Interstate exit and the Dust bowl returns. 


  1. Wow, that's crazy! I knew the weather over there was pretty sporadic, but Wow! I'm sure your ponitas were very happy for their blankets :)

  2. Thanks for Reading Amanda. I am still shocked they let us blanket them.